Bad Kissingen

Wellness & Cosmetics

Leave everyday life behind you and awaken your spirits. For example, treat yourself to a day in our in-house practice for physical therapy. An open bathing culture is just as possible with us as the account after prescription with all cash registers. In addition, numerous wellness and cosmetic offers invite you to feel good, relax and unwind.

Offers from the hotel's own practice for hotel guests.

Take advantage of the positive effects of lymph drainage!

After the gentle workout you will feel fit and healthy!

Health and well-being - healing power from the sea.

Enjoy a bubble bath with bath additives of your choice.

After our heat treatments your muscles will feel loose and relaxed.

Relax with a natural moor porridge application!

Choose from our packages the one that suits you best.

Wellness holiday in Bad Kissingen - simply feel good and relax with a soothing massage.