Ayurveda Traditional indian medicine

Together with the Ayurveda Center Germany, we offer authentic Ayurveda according to the concept and tradition of the Medical Directorate of the Vaidja family Madukkakuzhy. Therefore, our integrative Ayurveda concept focuses on the areas of body, soul, mind, social relations and environment.

Food Cooked with love

Increase your well-being and improve your health through conscious eating. With our holistic nutrition and health concept you will learn a lot about your own resources and learn to enjoy with all your senses.

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Consultations Harmony and consistency

This is how you bring yourself into the right balance. During our Ayurvedic consultations, you will be assisted by a competent team that will take care of your well-being with passion and empathy.

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Yoga and meditation Deceleration through relaxation

Reduce stress and go through everyday life deeply relaxed. Find more inner peace and self-confidence through the power of yoga and meditation. We support you in making your everyday life healthier and more mindful.

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