Consultations Expert advice for your balance

Every person is unique and therefore needs an individual treatment! Ayurveda follows a holistic approach and considers not only your body but also your soul, mind, social relationships and environment. Based on your individual constitution, our associated Ayurvedic doctors from India will create an authentic treatment program for you.

Unsere akkreditierten indischen Ärzte mit umfangreichem Ayurveda-Wissen kümmern sich um Sie!

Our competent treatment team Individual consultation

Many chronic diseases can be treated very well with Ayurveda, where western conventional medicine only suppresses symptoms. To diagnose the cause, we accompany you during your stay with daily consultations (except Saturday) by our experienced Ayurvedic doctors (University of Kerala, India). Together with our therapists, who are excellently trained in India, we ensure that your body's own self-healing processes and physical well-being are strengthened.

Mit umfassenden Konsultationen bestimmen wir Ihren Ayurveda Typ.

Anamnesis and constitution determination Get to know your own constitution

Bring your body into balance. Ayurvedic diagnosis will give you detailed information about your body's strengths and weaknesses. After examining your eyes (iris), pulse, tongue and based on your health questionnaire, our doctor determines your Ayurvedic constitution type (Dosha) and sets the treatment concept. The individual therapies are checked and adjusted during the daily consultation (except Saturday).

Ayurvedische Konsultationen aus kompetenter Hand bringen Sie ins Gleichgewicht.

Customized therapy plan Back into balance

After the diagnosis, our Indian specialist will create an individual therapy plan for you, which is completely tailored to your needs. The focus is on maintaining or restoring the balance of body, mind and spirit and giving it stability. With us you will receive a high-quality treatment program and benefit from the holistic healing art of Ayurveda.

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