Food Culinary for your health

Let your food be your medicine and your cuisine be your pharmacy. According to this ancient wisdom and Ayurvedic principles, we provide our spa guests with healthy delicacies. Nutrition plays a decisive role in Ayurveda and is therefore a very important component in Ayurvedic medicine.

Genussvolle ayurvedische Ernährung für Ihr Wohlbefinden.

Healthy eating Ayurvedic nutrition as medicine

Our team of therapists and chefs are trained in dietetics and know how to enhance the effects of a cure with carefully composed dishes, herbs and spices. With love and care, our chefs create varied and healthy menus that simply taste good. In doing so, they take care to integrate Ayurvedic principles into the modern Western world.

Ayurvedische Ernährung ist gesund, lecker und reichhaltig.

Balance of the doshas Food for each constitution

The meals have a balancing effect on all three doshas Vata, Pitta and Kapha. The menu plan is adjusted to the specific cure as well as the treatment phase. The Ayurvedic full board includes a varied breakfast buffet, a 3-course lunch menu and a hot dinner tailored to the dosha type. For all meals, we offer suitable spices depending on the dosha type. During the day, our guests can help themselves to herbal tea and hot water.

Viele Gewürze sorgen für ein schmackhaftes ayurvedisches Essen.

All flavors combined Spices - the wealth of india

Mainly spices and many tropical medicinal herbs as well as minerals are used in Ayurveda according to the ancient recipes of this empirical medicine. No chemically produced medicines are used. We produce the dosha-type appropriate oils for our famous oil massages and the "royal forehead shower Shirodhara" in elaborate processes in our headquarters under externally controlled quality standards.

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