Treatments Healthy with ayurveda

Each individual Ayurvedic treatment has a specific effect on the person and is prescribed by a doctor on a diagnosis-specific and individual basis. Our specially trained therapists perform the traditional Ayurvedic treatments with profound effects.

  • Body
  • Face

Abhyanga (full body massage)

40 Min. 90 EUR

Full body massage by a therapist, including 10 min. steam bath.

Abhyanga (synchronous body oil massage)

50 Min. 130 EUR

Gentle massage - removes toxins and harmful substances from the body tissues, relaxes, has a profound vitalizing effect.

Ekanga Abhyanga (partial body massage)

45 Min. 80 EUR

Ayurvedic marma point massage with medicated oil for different areas of the body. It helps relieve stress and strain, as well as promote blood circulation and well-being.

Kadee Package (spinal column treatment)

1 Hr. 130 EUR

Spine treatment with oil pack on the pain point and two massages.

Kadee Vasthy (special oil pack)

45 Min. 120 EUR

Special oil pack and massage for the lumbar spine

Pada Abhyanga (Ayurvedic foot massage)

30 Min. 50 EUR

Activates the marma points (energy centers) and has a calming and harmonizing effect.

Pinda Sweda (synchronous herbal stamp massage)

50 Min. 130 EUR

The stamps made of cotton, silk or linen are filled with rice, barley, lemon, herbs and oils. The warm stamps bring the fragrance and active ingredients of the herbs through the skin into the tissues. Excellent for rheumatic diseases.

Pizhichil (Intensive oil pouring)

50 Min. 150 EUR

Through the continuous pouring of medicated oil and the special massage of the marma points, stored pollutants can be removed through the skin. With two therapists and a liter of oil, this is a particularly precious treatment.

Udwarthanam (synchronous herbal powder scrub)

50 Min. 130 EUR

Peeling and steam bath. Vigorous Ayurvedic powder massage applied to reduce adipose tissue and Kapha - it has an activating effect.

Mukha Lepam (facial massage)

45 Min. 75 EUR

Facial massage with Ayurvedic face pack. Refreshes, rejuvenates and gives a radiant complexion.

Nasyam (sinus treatment)

30 Min. 50 EUR

Cleansing sinus treatment for migraine and sinusitis.

Shiroabhyanga (Ayurvedic head massage)

30 Min. 50 EUR

Relieves the stress and strain of your life; with herbal infusions or Ayurvedic oils in traditional Indian style. Shiro Abhyanga provides deep relaxation and relieves discomfort in the head area.

Shirodhara (royal forehead oil pouring)

50 Min. 130 EUR

After a short full-body oil massage, a fine stream of warm oil is passed in circular movements over the forehead, head and neck. Beneficial for stress, sleep disorders, migraines - deeply relaxing and calming.

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