Chikitsa The knowledge of life

A medical cure is suitable for anyone who is already suffering from an illness or is severely exhausted. Therapeutic treatments tailored to your condition cleanse, detoxify and strengthen your organism, releasing the self-healing powers of your body and mind. Receive a holistic health consultation, because we focus on the individual as a "whole".

Beauty from inside and outside Ayurveda fountain of youth-Lakshmi

5 Overnight stays
from 1.190,00 EUR

Benefit from the ancient teachings of Ayurveda and feel reborn!

Gentle fasting the Indian way Therapeutic fasting with Ayurveda

7 Overnight stays
from 1.498,00 EUR

Use the knowledge of Ayurveda for your health and get new energy. Purify your body, mind and soul.

For a new body feeling Panchakarma cure

14 Overnight stays
from 3.796,00 EUR

Free yourself from old ballast! Cleanse your body of harmful substances and feel good again.

Ayurveda as an opportunity Treatment for Long COVID patients

14 Overnight stays
from 3.796,00 EUR

This new treatment concept is specifically designed for Long COVID patients and offers you treatment options when Western medicine reaches its limits.

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