Beauty from the inside and outside Ayurveda fountain of youth Lakshmi

Immerse yourself in an Ayurvedic fountain of youth and let Lakshmi – goddess of happiness, love, fertility, prosperity, health and beauty in Indian mythology – refresh you, renew your cells and revitalize your beauty inside and out.

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Scope of the offer

  • 5 overnight stays with Ayurvedic full pension / 4 treatment days
  • 45 min. admission consultation / anamnesis with Ayurveda specialist (Indian doctor) *
  • 30 min. discharge consultation with recommendations for home, 4 x 15 min. check of daily form *.
  • 50 min yoga every morning
  • 4 x full body synchronous treatment: Treat yourself to the luxury of our invigorating and purifying milk baths with highly effective Ayurvedic herbs and aromatic oils for rejuvenation and cell renewal, according to your personal Dosha (approx. 50 min.)
  • 4 x rich, nourishing and firming Ayurvedic herbal face pack and relaxing, harmonizing facial massage, according to your constitutional type (approx. 30 min.), by our enchanting and caring Indian therapists
  • Daily administration of the individually prescribed natural remedies for your inner and outer beauty
  • 1 x weekly mantra chanting
  • 1 x a week opportunity for guided meditation for a fee
  • 1 x weekly lecture about Ayurveda with recommendations for Ayurvedic lifestyle

* Please note that there are no medical consultations on Sundays.

* The final decision on treatment options is made by the Ayurvedic specialist in consultation with the patient, taking the individual requirements of your body into account.

Individual yoga sessions and meditations can also be booked to provide personal support tailored to your state of health.

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