Rasayana Radiant joie de vivre

With soothing oil treatments, spice and herbal formulations and nutritional recommendations, Rasayana therapy methods stimulate renewing tissue metabolism. Draw new vitality (ojas) and energy! Because a strong ojas not only increases your physical strength, but also promotes a vital radiance and a happy attitude towards life.

Actively reduce stress Ayurveda deceleration and anti-stress

5 Overnight stays
from 1.315,00 EUR

It is often difficult to meet the demands, duties and deadlines of everyday life. Everyone needs a break in between.

Enjoy intensively Relaxation package

6 Overnight stays
from 1.494,00 EUR

Let us pamper you extensively! With our arrangement you forget everything around you and can completely switch off!

For a positive attitude to life Rasayana Ayurvedic regeneration cure

7 Overnight stays
from 1.873,00 EUR

To enjoy a long and healthy life - this desire is as old as mankind itself. Do something good for yourself and your health!

A good way to life Ayurveda for mother and baby

7 Overnight stays
from 2.013,00 EUR

Pregnancy and the first year of life are a very special time and require your full attention to your own well-being and the child's development.

Fit and relaxed in old age Ayurvedic relax- and senior package

11 Overnight stays
from 2.849,00 EUR

Ayurveda knows what is important in the golden years so that you can enjoy a full, long life with the best possible physical and mental health.

With power through the transformation With Ayurveda through menopause

14 Overnight stays
from 3.636,00 EUR

If you are just entering the confusing time of menopause or are already in the midst of it, Ayurveda can help alleviate the unsightly accompanying symptoms.

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