Rasayana Radiant joie de vivre

With soothing oil treatments, spice and herbal formulations and nutritional recommendations, Rasayana therapy methods stimulate renewing tissue metabolism. Draw new vitality (ojas) and energy! Because a strong ojas not only increases your physical strength, but also promotes a vital radiance and a happy attitude towards life.

For a positive attitude to life Rasayana Ayurvedic regeneration cure

5 Overnight stays
from 1.310,00 EUR

To enjoy a long and healthy life - this desire is as old as mankind itself. Do something good for yourself and your health!

Reduce stress actively Ayurveda deceleration and anti-stress

5 Overnight stays
from 1.320,00 EUR

It is often difficult to meet the demands, duties and deadlines of everyday life. Everyone needs a break in between.

Fit and loose in old age Ayurvedic pampering and senior package

7 Overnight stays
from 1.788,00 EUR

Ayurveda knows what is important in the golden years so that you can enjoy a full, long life with the best possible physical and mental health.

A good way into life Ayurveda for mother and baby

7 Overnight stays
from 2.048,00 EUR

Pregnancy and the first year of life are a very special time and require your full attention to your own well-being and the child's development.

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