Reduce stress actively Ayurveda deceleration and anti-stress

Nowadays, our working world is highly condensed and places great demands on us. In addition, many people must meet high demands in their families and partnerships at the same time. In the long run, this leads to exhaustion and overload if we don't allow ourselves a real breather and time out now and then. Therefore, refuel!

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Scope of the offer

  • 5 nights with Ayurvedic full pension
  • Freshly prepared organic-vegetarian Ayurvedic dishes tailored to your Dosha type
  • 4 treatment days as part of the Ayurveda cure
  • Detailed intake consultation / anamnesis with Ayurveda specialist (45 min.)
  • Discharge consultation with recommendations for home (30 min.), check of daily form (2 x 15 min.) *.
  • Special treatments, individually adapted to your needs: Shirodhara forehead casting (50 min.) - deepest relaxation for body, mind and soul. Abyanga synchron (50 min.) - full body oil massage of the 107 Marma points by two therapists Padabhyanga - Ayurvedic calf-foot massage (30 min.) Basti and Nasyam - cleansing of the body through special enemas and nasal rinses respectively
  • Alternating evening program with meditation, sound journey, lectures and much more.
  • Daily yoga under professional guidance

* Please note that there are no medical consultations on Sundays.

* The final decision on treatment options is made by the Ayurvedic specialist in consultation with the patient, taking the individual requirements of your body into account.

Individual yoga sessions and meditations can also be booked to provide personal support tailored to your state of health.

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