A good way into life Ayurveda for mother and baby

Already during pregnancy, the tiny human being feels the circumstances of life, including the mother’s stress. For a happy, relaxed and healthy pregnancy as well as the time after birth, there is a lot of wonderful support in Ayurveda.

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Scope of the offer

  • 7 nights with Ayurvedic full pension including freshly prepared organic-vegetarian Ayurvedic dishes adapted to your Dosha type
  • 6 treatment days as part of the Ayurveda cure
  • 1 x detailed medical consultation for pregnancy / postpartum recovery phase, joint determination of the treatment program *.
  • 5 x personal one-on-one consultations and Ayurveda diagnostics with the Ayurveda specialists, your treatment setting will be adjusted daily according to your needs *.
  • 6 x yoga in combination with Pranayama (breathing exercises for pregnant women)
  • 3 x Abyanga synchron (50 min.) - full body oil massage of the 107 Marma points by two therapists
  • 3 x Shirodhara forehead casting (50 min.) - deepest relaxation for body, mind and soul
  • 3 x rich, nourishing and firming Ayurvedic herbal face pack and relaxing, harmonizing facial massage, according to your constitution type (approx. 30 min.)
  • 3 x Padabhyanga - Ayurvedic calf-foot massage (30 min.)
  • Advice on nutrition during pregnancy and the time after
  • Daily full body massage with special oils to support your body’s recovery after pregnancy
  • Daily gentle massage for the baby

* Please note that there are no medical consultations on Saturdays.

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