For a positive attitude to life Rasayana Ayurvedic regeneration cure

Our body does not provide us infinitely with the energy we need day after day. Similar to a battery, we have to recharge ourselves again and again with energy through our diet, breathing and sleep.

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It is not uncommon for us to use more energy than we can recharge; the body sends us signals that the charge status is not optimal. Such signals are of great importance in Ayurveda. Recognized and correctly interpreted, they give us clues as to what we can do additionally for our "energy balance". The Ayurvedic keyword for this is Rasayana: "path of essence".

Our offer for you

  • 7 overnight stays with Ayurvedic full board/6 treatment days
  • 1 x Ayurvedic diagnostics *
  • Type determination
  • Discussion of the personal health questionnaire with recommendation of individual treatments, type-appropriate nutrition and lifestyle change
  • 6 x personal one-on-one consultations with the Ayurveda specialists, your treatment setting will be adjusted daily according to your needs *
  • 6 x full body synchronous treatment according to your personal Dosha and doctor's recommendation (approx. 50 min.)
  • 6 x partial body treatment according to your personal Dosha and doctor's recommendation (approx. 30 min.)
  • Daily administration of the individually prescribed natural remedies as food supplements
  • Yoga under guidance (approx. 50 min.)
  • * Please consider that there are no consultations with the doctor on Saturdays.

Billing of medical and therapeutic services according to GOÄ is possible for privately insured persons. In addition, expenses for Ayurveda cures are tax deductible under certain circumstances as extraordinary expenses.

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