Yoga and meditation Set out and go new ways

Embark on an inner journey! With Ayurveda, yoga and meditation you can promote your health, mindfulness, contentment and balance! They have their roots in the Vedic sciences and complement each other. Come into harmony with yourself and your environment!

Mit Yoga, Meditation und Ayurveda reisen Sie zu Ihrer inneren Mitte.

The positive power of yoga Harmony between body and mind

Yoga is not gymnastics, but training your mindfulness in everyday life. Yoga focuses on your own activity, which is strengthened through physical exercises and breathing exercises. Both Ayurveda and yoga see our consciousness as the most important force in life, which controls everything and decides how we shape our lives. For more serenity and inner peace, our qualified yoga teachers guide you daily through the yoga classes.

Unterstützen Sie Ihre Ayurveda-Kur mit Yoga und Meditation.

Relaxation and inner peace Meditation – time to pause

Meditation clarifies and structures the consciousness. In combination with yoga, you will learn to calm your restless mind and let go of thoughts. This will help you maintain your inner order and clarity in various life situations. There are countless forms of meditation, such as dynamic meditations, dance meditations or sitting quietly in front of a white wall. With us you will find the form of meditation that suits you best!

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