Culinary Time for a feast for the palate

Experience a culinary short vacation far away from any hustle and bustle in our in-house restaurants. We offer authentic Ayurvedic cuisine according to traditional health teachings as well as delicious regional delicacies from Franconia. In any case, all our dishes are cooked with love and served in a family atmosphere.

In der Wandelhalle Bad Kissingens können Sie Heilwasser aus den berühmten Quellen probieren.

Frankenstube This is how happiness tastes

Let yourself be spoiled by authentic Ayurvedic cuisine. In our Frankenstube, we serve you selected treasures of nature, adapted to your respective constitution type. Detoxify your body, activate your self-healing powers and balance your bodily functions. We cook with passion and prepare creative, enjoyable, Ayurvedic dishes for you.

Einzigartige Sehenswürdigkeiten erwarten Sie in Bad Kissingens Umgebung.

Big dining room The Frankenländle invites to enjoy

Excellent Franconian cuisine awaits you in our large dining room. Franconian cuisine has some specialties and delicacies to offer that are worth discovering. In a cozy atmosphere you can enjoy our freshly prepared regional specialties and experience the Franconian culture of enjoyment. Many treats await you, see for yourself!