Cosmetics & Beauty Simply look good

We make you shine: With individually tailored cosmetic products and beauty treatments, we ensure a radiantly beautiful appearance. Cosmetic experts round off our Ayurveda offer and are the perfect complement to a well-deserved relaxation vacation.

  • Face
  • Nails

ANTI AGING special treatment

2 Hr. 110 EUR

With aquabrasion, impurities and dandruff are very gently peeled off. The face gets pure, fine contours, smooth cells, infiltration of meso products, therapy mask.

Classic facial treatment

1 Hr. 75 EUR

Cleansing, peeling, eyebrow correction, vapozon, ampoule, mask, massage.

Power-Lift & Aloe-Vera

1 Hr. 59 EUR

Cleansing, AC treatment, introduction of Meso products, firming massage.

Treatments for eyelashes and eyebrows

30 Min. 10 EUR
30 Min. 10 EUR
30 Min. 10 EUR

Especially morning grouches know how annoying it can be to tune the eyelashes with mascara between getting up and the first spirits of life. You can save this time with our professional eyelash treatment with eyelash tinting.


15 EUR
25 EUR

Scratch resistant & high gloss nail polish.

Classic manicure

25 EUR
25 EUR

Foot care

30 EUR

Foot bath, nail cutting and shaping, callus removal, foot massage.